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A Drabble App Fic?
Official-ish shit
Title:  Late Recognition(I thought that up on the spot. |D)
Authoress:  That'd be me(tarafishes)
Characters:  Belgium
Rating:  G, if I remember correctly!
Warnings:  None?
Summary:  An app I did for noworldlikeours--Laura(Belgium)'s late for class.
Rules. Rules and authority figures. And bad food. Three things Belgians stereotypically were good at evading. And taxes but, as a teenager running through the halls to get to her next class, that was among the last things on Laura's mind. If it was at all. It was hard to tell, with her.

She cursed the Mary Janes on her feet and her need for modesty as both the shoes and her long skirt made running so much harder. She was already late; she wasn't sure why she was rushing. No one would notice her anyway; if she got caught she'd lie about her identity since no one knew who the Belgian girl was anyway, even though she was tall and rather obvious in her option. The saxophone case on her back and her backpack on her chest, she managed to reach the auditorium where her class was and, when she opened the door, found that she had, indeed, gone noticed. She wasn't as invisible as the Canadian student, she often forgot.

Nonchalantly she walked in, whistling a merry little tune as she took her place with a small smile. She didn't care for the attention she'd gained simply for arriving to class late, but the surrealist girl had already allowed her mind to wonder after her mental "Mission Complete" screen. "Good for you to finally have come, er. . . ."

She simply looked to the teacher and waited to see if anyone in the room would actually remember who she was. She wouldn't help them, either. If they didn't know her name she'd tell the teacher by the end of the class. No one really needed to know, anyway. Everyone around was murmuring, making guesses at the Belgian girl's identity. "Can we just drop it and get on with class, Sir? I believe I've interrupted it enough."

"I. . .suppose you're right." The teacher said with a sigh before returning to the lesson. Laura smiled, cheerfully. "Dank u wel."
Unlike Dollfie I won't be expanding on this since it's set in an existing timeframe or so it seems.  I dunno, I just kinda liked the app.  [shrug]  I still think it's crap, though. If I do expand on it, it'll just be me rewriting the happenings of the roleplay. Hopefully, by the time we officially start, I'll have my computer back and will be able to save these roleplays. >3>;

In other news, I need a new Belgium icon. XD

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Oooh, how you describe the beginning of the fic.
Offtopic is that a IOSYS song I see in the music section of your entry?


That it is--unless I'm wrong about who did it, which I doubt~

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