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@WereGer_Bot Manual
Official-ish shit
Tara made a twitter bot, Tara made a twitter bot, Tara made a twitter bot, and it's werewolf Germany!

This is the manual for @WereGer_Bot! WereGer is a secondary creation, unofficial, alternate universe Axis Powers Hetalia twitter bot made by @Tarafishes. This bot has no relation to real-life countries, people, and events or mythical creatures.

☆WereGer is Hetalia Germany--but he's a werewolf.
☆Tweets in English. Some tweets contain German.
☆Tweets every hour or so.
☆Replies should come every minute! Please give at least ten minutes for a reply. If you get no reply, check to see if he's tweeted within the last hour. If he has, make sure you're typing it properly(some are a bit sensitive and need to be typed a particular way.) If he still doesn't reply, report it to me.
☆The bot has a GerIta and a Germancest pairing premise, but other pairings may arise.
☆At the moment, the bot as no "sleep" schedule a "sleeptweet" schedule, where he will usually tweet things such as snoring or sleeptalking or not sleeping at all, and it will tweet 24 hours a day, unless a problem arises with the host server. His sleeptweet schedule is from 8AM to 5PM, Germany time. On occasion, nothing will tweet. Because he's sleeping.
☆If you get tired of him, please block him, DO NOT UNFOLLOW HIM, otherwise he will still respond to your tweets!
☆If there are problems or you have ideas for keywords or anything else, please send a DM to the bot or to @tarafishes! (If your account is protected and @tarafishes does not already follow you, please send a DM to the bot's account, otherwise I won't get your message.)

Halloween-verse is an alternate Hetalia canon based on the Halloween chibis of Himaruya's blog/Kitayume 2010 in which all of the Hetalia country personifications are mythical or legendary creatures. This also means that the world contains mythical and magical creatures, from the simple to more extraordinary ones.
The German siblings seem to be, primarily, demons and devils(or, at least, partially so,) however Germany himself is (part) werewolf. He seems to be half-transformed all the time--he has two sets of ears(one wolf and one human), a tail, and large paws that function as hands with a little difficulty, as well as sharp teeth and high-functioning senses. Most of the time, he walks bipedal, but he's also seen walking on all fours. He has many canine and lupine behaviors!
No history has been altered for this canon.

Keywords(highlight underneath the "clue" to get the keywords in question.)
☆Both in the timeline and @messages, Werewolf Germany will respond to greetings.
good morning; guten morgen; good night; gute nacht; hello*; hallo*
*he'll only respond to these in @messages.
☆His brother is on his back a lot. They seem to fight often, but he'll gladly tell you about him!
brother; bruder; Prussia; devil Prussia; demon Prussia; Gabel; Gilbert
☆Italy often comes over to play and sleep. He'll talk to you about him, too!
Italy; Veneziano; Feliciano; werewolf Italy; Weretaly; Italien; Wereitaly
☆Austria is a doctor, or he likes to act like one. Sometimes Germany's wary of him, but he'll tell you about him, if you want!
Austria; Demon Austria; Doctor Austria; Roderich; Demonstria
☆If you call a certain name in your TL, he might come when you call.
\Grrrmany[!]/; werewolf Germany; weremany; c'mere, grrrmany
☆He doesn't seem to like being called "cute". But he doesn't like being called "scary", either. He and his brother don't like when he's called a puppy!
TL: Grrrmany is [so] cute; buhyo* Grrrmany
@: cute; süß; scary; puppy; pup
☆He's a bit more affectionate than your average Germany. But he's still awful with romance and feelings.
/hug[s]; I love you; Ich liebe dich; ilu
☆He can show affection to other people, too!(more to be added)
(kiss/please kiss/you should kiss/give * a kiss) (Italy/Prussia)
Choose one of the first ones and then one of the names given, or some variant of them. For example Prussia can be replaced with your brother.
☆He also knows commands!(more to be added)
sit; sitz; stay; blieb; stopp
☆He sounds rough, but he's really just concerned. Sleeping enough is part of a healthy lifestyle!
I'm sleepy(TL-only)
☆He's lonely, too. But don't count on him staying the night. It's just until you fall asleep!
sleep together; sleep with me
☆He's had to deal with worse than you, so if you make a mistake he's quick to forgive. Usually.
sorry; es tut mir leid;
☆If you're feeling upset, he'll try and help you feel better, but there's no guarantee it'll work. It's the thought that counts, right?
Comfort me
☆He's not a dog, but with those ears it's a little hard to resist, huh?
/pets; /strokes
☆He's got lots of fur, so you can never be too careful, can you?
☆You've had to have noticed it wagging about by now. Why not ask about it?
☆Did England misplace his wand? What were those magic words again. . . ?
☆If you need help playing with him, you'll need to use this. But if you don't remember where it is, you can ask!

So far, that's it! If you have problems or suggestions, please contact the maintainer(@tarafishes).

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