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Sims 2 Screenshots!
Official-ish shit
This is unrehearsed, unplanned, randomness, courtesy of my Hetalia Sims!

The following characters appear or will appea:

All of the Sims downloadable atrechter_simsand Canada, Kumajirou(The polar bear without the collar if I remember correct), Bostov(The polar bear me and Russia's rper on Deviantart kind of made up because of a picture I found, the polar bear with the collar), North Italy(Crappy and not in uniform), Germany's dogs and cat(three dogs[Göring, Göbbles, and Garvyn] and a cat[Adolf]), Prussia's cat(The rainbow one, von Gatto), Italy's dog(The little dalmatian, Skippy), and...I think that's it. Oh! And a wolf.

There is no plot and I no longer use this neighborhood. So you won't see the Baltics for a while. But my next one will be better, worry not~


Okay~ So~ I tried to put it in order of occurrence, so the first matter of business~

Russia terrorizes Lithuania by......

tickling him?

Then Russia walked away. (This looks so sad and lonely. D;)

France looking...ridiculous, Estonia looking on, curious. Oh, and Liet from the other picture in the background.

A rather happy-looking Latvia and a disturbed China. I think he was telling a joke or something....

America and England, Chatting also. (Iggy looks pissed and I don't know why. America just looks kinda interested.)

Now everyone's inside! Lets' see what they're doing.....

America randomly begins to lounge on UK's bed.

Liet started to play piano. Horribly, if I may add.

UK cleans the countertops. I wonder why he didn't just get his fairies to do it....

Russia takes a shower. While wearing his scarf. Which is a wonderful censor, apparently.

Raivis cooked and started serving lunch. Or was it dinner? I can't recall....

I can't recall what was occurring here, but, it's a cute picture~!

Eventually the food got on the table and everyone began to eat! Yay!

Well, actually, it took a while, so Ivan and Yao sat waiting for everyone, talking about nice hats in the meantime.

Liet joined in and they began to talk about jailtime~ Or, perhaps, as this is Russia, the Kolkhoz. Just smile and nod, guys.....

Liet's face at the time of discussion.

I won't have to be sending you into the kolkhoz, da?

O-...of course not, aru.

America is very focused on his food.

. . . .

. . . .

H-he looks kinda annoyed....

And, even if he isn't, he's efficiently scared poor little Latvia.

After dinner Russia contemplates the benefits of getting a new chair.

And that is it! Sorry this one was so boring. >3> The next ones will be better. Here's a picture of how that household looked, by the way!

Screw you, blurry picture....

And now, a preview of my regular Allied Forces! ♥

In case you were curious, the two polar bears down there are Kumajirou and Bostov; Kumajirou being Matthew's pet polar bear whom we all know, and Bostov is Russia's, from mine and Russia on Deviantart's antics. ^^

Also, there were videos, but they weren't showing up. The videos were better than the pictures in my opinion.



P.S., my apologies if the pictures cut off because of the lj layout thing.  >3>
Years Later Edit:
so somehow this entry attracts a lot of spambots.  in the off-chance you read this, comments have been locked to prevent them from spamming my inbox.  In the even more off chance you read this and have a comment, please feel free to send a
private message or an email or something.  o/

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I've included everything here excluding the skintone. Also, I didn't weed out which hair colour it was since I had about three types of blond and there was something else I didn't mess with and just included the whole file, I think it was teh blush, you can just delete that if you have no intent on using it. If anything is missing from the file (besides the skintone since I'm having trouble finding that myself)let me know and I'll try again. orz Sorry about giving you the extra files.
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