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Friends Locked
Official-ish shit

Art from Himaruy'as blog, Kitayume, edited by me to include the "Friends Only" portion

This journal is Friends Only for no particular reason! I'm sure if you're considering befriending me, we've already talked or something, but if we haven't and you wanna be friends anyway, that's fine, just drop a line here, I guess.
We can also talk here, too, since it'd be good to know one another or at least one another's interests before becoming friends.

Though, to be warned, I'm bad with words and don't post here often or leave a whole lot of comments. But that's okay, right?

Aim: tarafishes
tumblr: exinspired(not used much)
twitter: tarafishes
skype: tarafishes
windows live: tara(PERIOD)fish(ATSYMBOL)hotmail
email: awesome(PERIOD)army(ATSYMBOL)gmail