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Friends Locked

Art from Himaruy'as blog, Kitayume, edited by me to include the "Friends Only" portion

This journal is Friends Only for no particular reason! I'm sure if you're considering befriending me, we've already talked or something, but if we haven't and you wanna be friends anyway, that's fine, just drop a line here, I guess.
We can also talk here, too, since it'd be good to know one another or at least one another's interests before becoming friends.

Though, to be warned, I'm bad with words and don't post here often or leave a whole lot of comments. But that's okay, right?

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[FANFIC] Everything Is Better In Space

Title:  Everything Is Better In Space
Author/Artist:  tarafishes with some help from a comedian named Adam Parris
Character(s) or Pairing(s):  AmericaxRussiaxAmerica; Implied, Onesided Russia->Prussia(which I don't even like, wtf); Implied USUK
Rating:  PG-18?  (Strong language, implied rape, not-sex; I member-locked it to be safe.)
Warnings:  Stupidity/Silliness, Weightlessness, Fail, Not-Sex?
Summary:  (LATE CHRISTMAS/EARLY(SORTA) BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR dollfiepop. ILU~ And I'll still write you that Prussia and Nor thing, if I get inspiration)  The Cold War wasn't just a dick-measuring contest.  It was a "who can top better" contest.  IN SPACE.  (Based off of this comedy skit)
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A Drabble App Fic?

Title:  Late Recognition(I thought that up on the spot. |D)
Authoress:  That'd be me(tarafishes)
Characters:  Belgium
Rating:  G, if I remember correctly!
Warnings:  None?
Summary:  An app I did for noworldlikeours--Laura(Belgium)'s late for class.
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Unlike Dollfie I won't be expanding on this since it's set in an existing timeframe or so it seems.  I dunno, I just kinda liked the app.  [shrug]  I still think it's crap, though. If I do expand on it, it'll just be me rewriting the happenings of the roleplay. Hopefully, by the time we officially start, I'll have my computer back and will be able to save these roleplays. >3>;

In other news, I need a new Belgium icon. XD
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Sims 2 Screenshots!

This is unrehearsed, unplanned, randomness, courtesy of my Hetalia Sims!

The following characters appear or will appea:

All of the Sims downloadable atrechter_simsand Canada, Kumajirou(The polar bear without the collar if I remember correct), Bostov(The polar bear me and Russia's rper on Deviantart kind of made up because of a picture I found, the polar bear with the collar), North Italy(Crappy and not in uniform), Germany's dogs and cat(three dogs[Göring, Göbbles, and Garvyn] and a cat[Adolf]), Prussia's cat(The rainbow one, von Gatto), Italy's dog(The little dalmatian, Skippy), and...I think that's it. Oh! And a wolf.

There is no plot and I no longer use this neighborhood. So you won't see the Baltics for a while. But my next one will be better, worry not~


Okay~ So~ I tried to put it in order of occurrence, so the first matter of business~

Russia terrorizes Lithuania by......
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P.S., my apologies if the pictures cut off because of the lj layout thing.  >3>
Years Later Edit:
so somehow this entry attracts a lot of spambots.  in the off-chance you read this, comments have been locked to prevent them from spamming my inbox.  In the even more off chance you read this and have a comment, please feel free to send a
private message or an email or something.  o/
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